Horse Racing Rules and Regulations in Singapore

One of the most important things about being a professional bettor in horse racing is the adherence to the rules and regulations. The Rules and Regulations for Horse Racing in Singapore are essentially there to protect the bettors and online casino bettors. It is to ensure that fairness is preserved, and any form of malpractice or unfair dealing is not allowed. The main points of the Rules and Regulations include the following:

The first thing that one must know is that the Rules and Regulations horse racing board in Singapore consist of ten members. Six of these members are from the Department of Sport, Racing and Sports; two from the Department of Culture, Arts and Humanities; and one each from the Singapore Association of Racing Professionals and the Singapore Horse Racing Authority. The latest additions to the Rules and Regulations includes a provision requiring all trainers to be licensed. These new additions were put in place to enforce greater professionalism in the sport.

Licensing is the next topic covered in the Rules and Regulations. Every licensed trainer is required to register with the Racing Authority of Singapore, which is an independent regulatory body. They have to go through a rigorous selection process before being deemed fit to administer a race. Only those with a lengthy experience in horse sports are considered by the Racing Authority of Singapore. After being approved to administer a race, the licensed trainers are then authorized by the Singapore Association of Racing Professionals to administer the event.

There are certain minimum qualifications for jockeys in addition to those that come from the Racing Authority of Singapore. A qualified jockey has to have a valid driving license, good driving history, and pass several horse racing examinations. The Racing Authority of Singapore also requires that each jockey be able to understand the racing terminology that is commonly used throughout the racing season. Jockeys are also required to be physically fit and to be in good health, as they are often the ones out on the track in the heat of the race. A qualified jockey is also required to show proof of having the ability to control a horse at the necessary speeds required of that class of horse.

The next topic that covers in the Rules and Regulations is the Racing Handicapping System. This system is created by the Racing Authority of Singapore, which is overseen by the Priory Charter in Singapore. Each horse that will compete in a Singapore horse racing event is assigned a horsemanship rating. The horsemanship ratings are dependent upon the horse's performance in previous races, its health and compatibility with the driver. The Singapore horse racing events also allow each horse to be paired with an authorized representative, who is designated as the official veterinarian.

When paired with the veterinarian, the official veterinarian shall include on the certificate of authenticity the name, address and contact details of the authorized representative of that particular horse. It shall also include the registration details of that particular horse. It is also imperative that the veterinarian should also mention the number of years that the horse has been professionally trained by the authorized veterinarian. Such records shall be available for inspection by other officials during the course of the race.Now you know the rules and regulations in horse racing, you might as well try horse race betting at Singapore Pools 4d. You may also enjoy other betting games in sports, lottery and many more to play!